Our famous Red Ring of Reliability™ is synonymous with durability, reliability, customer value and the highest quality. ESNA also provides complementary products and service offerings that include the manufacturing of close-tolerance aerospace bushings, aerospace nut plates, clip nuts, aircraft fluid fittings, flanges, metal lock nuts and machined specials.

With locations in Arkansas and Texas, ESNA serves the following industries:

Aerospace  +  Military and Defense  +  Electronics  +  Industrial Solutions

ESNA supplies a wide range of products for commercial aerospace and military markets.

ESNA specializes in manufacturing industry-standard internally threaded aerospace fasteners and lock nuts. Our diverse production capabilities allow us to deliver a broad product portfolio, and our responsiveness to customer needs makes us the industry choice.

Our product inventory includes:

  • ESNA Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
  • ESNA All Metal Lock Nuts
  • ESNA Nylon Cap Nuts
  • MS/NAS All Metal Lock Nuts
  • Aerospace OEM nut plates
  • Aerospace OEM clip nuts

ESNA is the world’s largest producer of high-volume, custom-designed tight tolerance bushings. Our in-house processing capabilities, combined with decades of aerospace manufacturing experience, have allowed us to deliver more than 46,000 individual part numbers to the world’s major OEMs.

We work with a variety of raw materials, including stainless steel, bronze, copper, nickel alloy, titanium and other exotic metals. We manufacture precision products up to 12 inches in diameter. Utilizing our in-house processing capabilities and decades of aerospace bushing manufacturing experience, we are able to offer short and expedited deliveries on our entire line of bushings.

A large inventory of raw materials and complete in-house production capabilities make ESNA a leader in precision-machined products manufacturing. We produce high volumes of machined products from a wide variety of aerospace materials, including hard metals like titanium and nickel alloy.

Vertically integrated metal finishing allows ESNA to comprehensively serve customers. We are able to match the best process to the parts being finished every time. The facility has the capability to plate cadmium to AMS-QQ-P-416 and zinc nickel to AMS 2417 and is approved to Boeing D1-4426. We also passivate stainless steel to AMS 2700. Our state of the art finishing and X-ray inspection equipment ensures that even the most demanding requirements are met.

ESNA is a member of Novaria Group, a cohesive family of component companies, a sum made greater by the value of its parts, that consistently delivers optimum performance and sustainable growth within the aerospace and defense marketplace.

We provide our customers with 100 percent satisfaction by supplying them with high quality products and services on time and at reasonable price. We consistently meet or exceed the quality requirements of our many customers.

  • The quality management system established and implemented meets the current requirements of ISO9001:2008, (ANSI / ASIC Q9001:2000) and AS9100.

  • The established system encourages process controls, continuous improvement, and variability reduction.

  • We provide our customers with 100% satisfaction by supplying them with high quality products and services on time and at reasonable price.

  • We engage in open communication with our customers so we can continually meet their needs.

  • We provide a safe workplace.

  • We proved a system for employee and vendor involvement.

  • We utilize statistical techniques to improve quality output, when needed.

  • Senior management determines and establishes specific objectives necessary for the organization when needed.

ESNA Arkansas

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Pocahontas, AR 72455

P: 870.892.5201

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ESNA Texas

6625 Iron Horse Blvd
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

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